GaW 2014

In connection with the 2014 culmination of the research project Gender and Work, and ahead of the publication of its final report, Making a living, making a difference, a copy of the database as it appeared in May 2014 was created. This “frozen” version of the database has been named GaW 2014.

Living databases such as GaW are dynamic sources. They are continually expanded as new information is added. The data set at one point in time is therefore different from the data set at another point.

The final report of the research project Gender and Work, Making a living, making a difference, is based upon the data set contained in the database in May 2014. The references in the book pertain to this data set. In order to make it possible for others to monitor and authenticate the information in the book, the frozen version of the database has been made accessible alongside the live version.

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The statistical foundation of Making a Living is made up of the entirety of the information in GaW 2014, apart from the large quantity of verb phrases of the sort “paid work at X” that come from a number of account books from crown estates. These verb phrases, interesting in and of themselves, make up 16 percent of all the activities in GaW 2014. It was determined that their influence on the compilation of the material was too great, carrying with it the risk that including them would obscure other interesting conditions.

For this reason, the total number of activities in GaW 2014 is greater than the number on which the tables in Making a living depend (19 253, compared to 16 182).